Connect your audience with high value, relevant content

Next Commerce connects your audience with engaging and relevant product advertising, delivering
a better user experience and improved monetisation.

Product content that is more than just advertising


Machine learning technology matches product data with reviews, articles or any other product-related content


Create an entire shopping section or website by simple providing a header and footer file


Access to the Next Commerce product database in order to create custom shopping solutions


Clicks are directed from partner sites or apps directly to retailers in a risk-free, revenue-sharing model

Native ecommerce advertising options

Monetised Links

Enable publishers to start making money by referring their users directly to merchants

Sneak Peak

Publishers can provide shopping discovery tips when users hover over specific keywords

Native eCommerce Advertising

Publishers can run native shopping ads, which provide them with engaging content for their readers and incremental monetisation

Mobile SDK

Provide new content and monetisation for apps, giving developers control of how they integrate

Our publisher network reaches over 50m shoppers each month

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